There is a 59th World Grand Prix at Italy and everyone is competing and Grem is causing trobule. Grem makes lots of cars blow engines. Finn, Mater, and Holley try to defeat The Lemons.

Playable CharctersEdit

  1. Lightning Mcqueen
  2. Franseceo Bernouilli
  3. Carla Veloso
  4. Jeff Gorvette
  5. Lewis Hamilton
  6. Rip Clutchgoneski
  7. Miguel Camino
  8. Nigel Gearsley
  9. Shu Todorki
  10. Max Schnell
  11. Chick Hicks
  12. The King
  13. Taco Mint
  14. Spear O Mint
  15. Shiny Wax
  16. Mood Springs
  17. Faux Wheel Drive
  18. Nitroade
  19. Leak Less
  20. Mack
  21. Leak Less Hauler
  22. Nitroade Hauler
  23. Faux Wheel Drive Hauler
  24. Mood Springs Hauler
  25. Shiny Wax Hauler
  26. Spear O Mint Hauler
  27. Taco Mint Hauler
  28. Chick's Hauler
  29. The King's Hauler
  30. The King's Pit Crew
  31. Chick's Pit Crew
  32. Taco Mint Pit Crew
  33. Spear O Mint Pit Crew
  34. Shiny Wax Hauler
  35. Mood Springs Pit Crew
  36. Faux Wheel Drive Pit Crew
  37. Nitroade Pit Crew
  38. Leak Less Pit Crew
  39. Mater
  40. Luigi
  41. Guido
  42. Fillmore
  43. Sarge
  44. Holley Shiftwell
  45. Finn Mcmissile
  46. Professor Z
  47. Grem
  48. Acer


Lightning McQueen says "oh fuck, when is this gonna end? bullshit."

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